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What to Expect

Prior to your first appointment, we need all forms completed and a copy of your health insurance card. 
For your convenience these forms are available online for you to complete prior to your first appointment. Or, if you prefer, simply arrive 15- 30 minutes prior to your appointment and fill out the forms onsite.


It’s normal if you feel uncertain and perhaps a bit uncomfortable during your first appointment. Remember, our therapists are here to find the best solution and treatment for the issues you face. We love our mission and have your best interests at heart. It might take you a couple of sessions and a bit of conversation to be at ease, but once you feel that trust with your therapist, the healing process begins.


Below are answers to some questions you may have:

How do you assign therapists and can I change, if needed?

At the time of your initial call, we will ask questions to determine which therapist may be the best fit given your preferences and reasons for scheduling the appointment. It is not unusual for clients to take several sessions feel assured that there is a “good fit”. If you decide you want a change, your therapist will refer you to another therapist at Kilgore or in the community. Our goal to make sure that you receive the best help possible.


Can I request a specific therapist?

We will be happy to accommodate you if the therapist believes the match is appropriate.


Do you offer evening hours?

Yes. We understand it might be hard to take off work. We can also try to accommodate Saturday hours.


Do you have a crisis service?

In case of an emergency call 911. Also you may call Centerstone Crisis Center (formerly Seven Counties Services) at 502.589.3413 for after hours crisis.


How long are the sessions and treatment?

Typically, each session lasts for about an hour. However, we will schedule a longer session if it would be beneficial. Your therapist will discuss with you the proposed healing plan after gathering as much information as possible in the initial session. In some cases, only a month of weekly sessions may be needed. In other cases, it might take as long as a year.


Will I get better?

Our goal is to help you resolve your problem or at least manage it better. Improvement requires both you and your therapist to work together. While we cannot promise total success, our clients have said:

“Everyone at the Center has been very courteous and has helped me with my issues”

“Excellent pragmatic approach to problem solving with my personal issues… client centered”

“My therapist was to the point and helped me resolve my conflict management issues.”

“This experience has changed my life.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Kilgore. I have a deeper faith and am more at peace with myself.”


Is my problem normal?

Even though you may feel alone and believe you are the only one having your problem, you’re not. We help many people face similar situations.


Will my insurance cover my treatment?

We work with nearly all insurance companies to see what treatments are covered. Here is a list the most frequent insurance carriers we accept.


Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare, Molina (formally Passport), United Health Care, and Wellcare.


Are all your clients and therapists Christians?

While most of our clients identify themselves as Christians or say they “grew up” as Christians, many of our clients do not.

Each of our clinicians work with clients from a wide spectrum of faith and spiritual beliefs. If you wish to work with a therapist who shares your beliefs, we can accommodate your needs.


What is it like being in a session?

Each therapist has a private office with comfortable furniture for confidential conversations. We also have first floor offices that are handicapped accessible.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Kilgore.

— Kilgore Client