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Marriage Assessment

We help couples identify and take an inventory of their individual strengths and understand how they compliment or conflict with each other. We can help you understand how you and your spouse can work together to create and sustain a healthy and enriching marriage.

Marriage Counseling

Healthy relationships are essential. God wants us to love and respect each other, but as flawed human beings, we often encounter difficulty in getting along.

We can help you work through the inevitable and the unexpected challenges of marriage, with a healthy focus on achieving better outcomes together.


Our goal is to help couples save their marriage. But when a break-up is not reconcilable, we help each partner to understand and prepare for its impact on the children, family, friends, and other relationships. After a divorce, we offer counseling to help either spouse deal with the transition and feelings of loss or anger or guilt. We are truly mindful of the impact when children are involved and have specialists who can specifically address these difficult times.