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POSITION TITLE: Staff Therapist
Licensed: Master’s or Doctoral level Clinician

REPORTS TO: Clinical Director

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A staff therapist provides individual, group, couple, and family therapy. He or she participates as a clinical staff team member, shares in staffing and case conferences, performs necessary administrative tasks, and participates in Center community relations. Provides preventive health care via teaching, education groups, consultation, and community relations as determined by the Clinical Director and Executive Director.

1. Professional clinical services
2. Clinical staff participation
3. Center administration and development

Professional Clinical Services
• Providing 25 – 30 weekly hours of clinical services including individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and other clinical/consultative services to local community organizations and churches
• Conducting assessment and effective implementation of plans of treatment with client systems
• Maintaining clinical records in keeping with Center policies and procedures
• Working with the administrative staff to set and collect appropriate fees
• Representing the standards and practices of their primary professional fields

Clinical Staff Participation
• Working cooperatively with staff colleagues, consultants, and referring professionals
• Actively participating in clinical staffing and case consultations
• Attending administrative staff meetings, staff retreats, and other team building activities

Center Administration and Development
• Participating in the development of the Center’s referral network
• Performing administrative and development tasks as assigned
• Participating in the Center’s programs of education, consultation, and community relations as directed by Executive Director or Clinical Director


1. Graduation from an accredited college, university, or seminary with a master’s or doctoral degree in pastoral counseling, professional counseling, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, or equivalent.
2. Clinician must hold and maintain an active license in their corresponding professional discipline to practice in the State of Kentucky. Clinician must also hold an active membership in their corresponding professional association (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), American Counseling Association (ACA), Academy of Clinical Social Workers (ACSW), the Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA) American Psychological Association (APA) etc.
3. Clinical experience and knowledge in substance abuse/addiction treatment is helpful.
4. Ability to perform self-evaluation, and verbalize competencies and limitations with accuracy.
5. Mastery of a coherent theory and practice of therapy.
6. Ability to use the language and methodology of differential diagnosis and familiarity with the contributions of various diagnostic tests.
7. Ability to assess a client’s therapeutic needs, to establish a therapeutic relationship, and to conduct, complete, terminate, and evaluate that therapy.
8. Ability to relate the contributions of various disciplines to the therapeutic task and to make appropriate use of inter-professional collaboration.
9. Ability to integrate religious commitment and therapy practices.
10. Ability to help clients deal with theological issues utilizing religious resources within their own belief system.
11. Understanding of the dynamics of religious experience and the implications for pastoral psychotherapy.
12. Ability and willingness to develop and cultivate his/her own caseload by representing the Center in the community and relating to referral sources.
13. Knowledge of community resources.


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