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Cash Gifts
Make your checks payable to Kilgore Samaritan Counseling Center. You can mail it to us or drop it by our office, Second Presbyterian Church or St. Francis in the Fields.

Stocks and Securities
Donating your appreciated investments offers tax benefits. Contact us to discuss.

Planned Gifts
Wills, annuities and life insurance provide flexible and beneficial options. Contact your accountant or us to discuss.

Matching Gifts
Your donation can be multiplied if your company has a matching gift program. Thousands of companies nationwide participate in an employee gift-matching program with some matches 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1. You’ll receive recognition for the combined total.

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Kilgore Counseling Center depends on financial contributions to supplement the fees we receive from our clients. Donations help us keep our fees affordable and they fund our Kilgore Samaritan Fund, which subsidizes fees for families and individuals in crisis who could not otherwise afford quality therapy and care.

Learn more about qualifying for our Samaritan Fund.

Since 2008, we have provided more than 51,000 counseling hours for our clients of which over 4,800 hours were for Samaritan Fund Scholarship recipients. The demand for our scholarships continues to increase. It is not uncommon for families to come to us with parents who have lost their jobs and their health insurance. We have raised more than $410,000 to care for such families. We could not sustain our mission at this level without our community’s belief in our mission or their generosity.

Here are real examples of how the Kilgore Samaritan Fund changed lives:

$100 helped get treatment and guidance for a confused and terrified young mother who had no insurance and was trying to escape a violent and abusive marriage.

$250 went toward providing case management and therapeutic care for an elderly man – jobless, without insurance, learning disabled, injured and medically compromised – to return from the brink of desperation and suicide.

$1000 provided ongoing care to both a single grandmother, with a minimum wage job and no health benefits, and to her pre-school granddaughter, whom she had rescued from a drug-infested, violent, parental home.

Thank you for giving.

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